Card Mania Legends

Create your own mythical creature cards and share them with the world!


Bring your ideas to life

No matter if you're an artist who draws their own images or an avid fantasy fan with pictures saved from somewhere else – creating your own creatures is as easy as uploading an image and giving the beast a name.

Build your card collection

Explore cards created by other players and add your favourite ones to your collection. Likewise, feel that momma bear pride when others add your creatures to their collections.

How it works

1. Upload an image

You can use an image of any mythical creature you want – no discrimination in fantasy world. Just account for the fact that the card will be in portrait mode (upright), not landscape, which means that some images may need to be cropped.

2. Add depth to your creation

Make your creature unique by giving it a name and assigning it different elements. Also, don't forget to provide them a description ‐ show that those magnificent beasts are much more than just a name and a picture.

3. Share your card with others

Your new card, once finished, will become visible to other players, who can read more about it and add it to their collection. As goes the saying in Card Mania Legends – collecting is caring!

Sounds good, but...

Card Mania Legends

Card Mania Legends is a portal that helps players create their own mythical creature cards and share them with other players.